About Us

Being a few years out of the gate, we’ve come to realize one thing. “If you build it, you must promote it”. Promoting your web site online is an art. Times are changing in the IT world, so is the internet world. Web advertising isn’t like most regular adverting ventures. It takes months of work just to get started. Don’t let that frighten you, that’s what we are here for…

There are 2 main focus points when you get started with web advertising:

1) Search Engine Positioning:
Search engines are getting tougher by the day and are making it increasingly harder to get a great placement within their ranks. We’ve put together some sound, tested strategies that will greatly help your chances of survival online. Click here for search engine packages >>

Just listen to this story about what we’ve done for 1 of our clients…

“I’ve mentioned before that Martin & his team are good but I don’t think people realize how good. Because of their expert skills at web advertising, if you perform a search utilizing anything with the words “Renovations & Hamilton” together within Google.com, our site is usually #1. Just the other day, one the most respected radio stations called me up at my office because they thought that my company was one the largest companies in Hamilton. I have to be honest, this is only our 2nd year in business. The representative from the radio station offered my company a spot in a very large & well respected renovations seminar, as one of the top 4 professionals in our field. This has ultimately given us a great deal of respect & trust within the Hamilton community. We are really excited. My hat goes off to your Martin, if it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be where we are now!”

2) Link Popularity:
Aside from optimizing your web site, you MUST build a link popularity campaign. Adding your link to other sites accomplishes 2 things: One, it attracts more visitors to your site since there will be more open dooways pointing to it and two, it also attracts search engines to “crawl” through your site more frequently. Frequency is the key. The more search engines come back, the more content they recognize from your site and add to their rankings